Year 2

Welcome to our Year 2 Page!

Hello Parents and Visitors, step into the exciting world of Year 2 at Chiltern Primary School, where a year of discovery, growth, and fantastic learning experiences awaits our vibrant Year 2 children.

Embark on a Learning Odyssey:  Year 2 is all about exploration, unleashing creativity, and embracing challenges that will shape young minds.

The Mind Gym: Get ready for a mental workout in our Year 2 Mind Gym! From numeracy escapades to literacy quests, your child will flex those cognitive muscles, building a strong foundation for future academic triumphs.

Global Explorers: Our curriculum is a treasure map leading to exciting destinations. Your child will voyage through fascinating topics, discovering the wonders of the world and expanding their horizons.

Inquiry and Investigation Headquarters: Year 2 is a hub of inquiry and investigation! Your budding detective will sharpen their sleuthing skills, unraveling mysteries and developing a keen sense of curiosity.

Mission: Imagination! Fuelled by creativity, Year 2 is a mission to explore the realms of imagination. From storytelling adventures to artistic escapades, your child will be the architect of their own imaginative universe.

Learning Express: We're on a journey of academic milestones and personal growth, navigating through challenges and celebrating achievements along the way.

Star-Studded Achievements: Each child is a shining star in our Year 2 constellation. We celebrate individuality, encouraging every child to sparkle and embrace their unique qualities.

Passionate Guides: Meet our team of dedicated educators, passionate about cultivating a love for learning. Your child's educational adventure is in the hands of skilled and caring professionals.

As we set sail on this academic voyage, we invite you to join us in fostering a love for learning that will illuminate your child's educational path. If you have any questions or would like to delve deeper into our Year 2 plans, feel free to reach out.

Here's to a year of exploration, growth, and extraordinary achievements in Year 2!

Warm regards,

Mrs G Anitei, Year 2 Teacher