Home-School Liaison

At Chiltern Primary School, we believe in fostering a strong home-school partnership. Our open-door policy ensures a warm welcome every morning and afternoon, with staff readily available on the school gates and doors. Stay connected through regular updates via newsletters and messaging on Class Dojo. Join us for memorable moments at whole school events, from festive Christmas performances to musical concerts and creative craft afternoons.

Empowering parents is a priority, and we offer informative sessions to assist you in supporting your child at home. Annual reports and two parent consultations provide comprehensive insights into your child's progress, but we are always available to schedule meetings at other times throughout the year. Together, let's create a positive and collaborative learning environment for your child's success.


Our hard working group of parents play a vital role in supporting our pupils’ opportunities and our children love the regular fund-raisers such as:

  • Themed discos
  • Fetes
  • Cinema eveings
  • Quiz nights
  • Summer fetes
  • Circus
  • Raffles

Their hard work has provided our pupils with:

  • An adventure trail
  • A new stage
  • Play equipment for each class
  • Technology
  • Reading resources to meet the requirements of the new curriculum
  • Water bottles for every child
  • Art and craft material for the whole school…to name but a few.

It is a worthwhile cause and creates a fantastic social opportunity too. If you would like to join this hard-working group of parents, please contact our chair, Amy Roche via the school office.

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