The School Day

School is open for a total of 32.5 hours per week during term time.  The school times for pupils are:


School starts


School ends

Whole School


12:15am - 1:15pm


Our children enter school through their classroom doors which are unlocked at 8.45 am.  It is essential that all children arrive at school on time. If they arrive late it disrupts registration of those who do arrive punctually and sometimes delays morning activities. On the other hand, children should not arrive before doors are unlocked (unless they are booked into our Breakfast Club) as they would be unsupervised.

The site is locked when the school sessions start and re-opened at the end of the school day for parents to meet their children at the classroom doors. All children who are late should enter school via the front door and book in at the school office.

Lateness is closely monitored and we also ask that you collect pupils on time at the end of the school day as we cannot guarantee adult supervision.  If you are going to be late collecting your child you should arrange for someone else to collect them on time and contact the school office to let them know.