At Chiltern Primary, we will always model, praise and reward positive behaviour.  Behaviour is a good feature of our school where we have the culture to recognise reward over consequence. Our aim is for pupils to “be the best they can be” and by recognising positive behaviour choices, we are able to support and develop all children. Our positive choice ethos allows all children to maximise their potential and succeed within our school environment. Good behaviour is recognised first, praising the children who make the right choices and rewarding them using our whole school points system.

Dojos are awarded through the Class Dojo platform. Classes work towards both individual and collective rewards for gaining set numbers of dojos.

See the Behaviour Policy for further details.

This is supported by regular, weekly and termly awards which praise the children’s efforts and attitudes (please see the behaviour policy for further details).

3 clear school rules define our behaviour policy

  1. Take care of yourself
  2. Take care of others
  3. Take care of your school